My name is M. Scott Ault.. I am a self- taught artist exploring several different avenues for theoretic output. I work with oils on canvass, soapstone, and photography and I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years.

I have, however, always held~ as my own personal “overarching” ambition~ theĀ goal of being a Published Author.. an end point to which I am constantly and consistently in effort towards.

Literary Art

My literary work is diverse and.. oftentimes disparate of infect.

My prose based work starts with the graphically enhanced volume titled “The Death of Love” which is described as a “dark, experimental examination into many of the various aspects of love, both positive and negative.” The literary style is described as ‘a fluid blend of dada- ish stream of consciousness built upon a rough framework of Beat rhythmics all imbued with [my own] adjective rich musings producing a wet, meandering narrative that carries the engrossed reader.

Additional volumes, on the works, include- but are not limited to- “Ruby Jazz Moonshine,” “The Zeuphor” which happens to be a literary trilogy consisting of the volumes “The Zeuphor,” “Spiritcatchers and Goldfishbowls,” and “Serendipity, skullcrushing blaspheme.” Additional works include various short stories, novellas and more. Recently, “Wasted Amerika” has been added as precursor/ epilogue for The Death of Love that depicts the narrator at various, different points over the course of three volumes (KC High, Life En Remote, and Wasted Amerika, respectively).

As I meandered the highways and biways of North America throughout the 90’s .. hitch hiking from coast to coast to.. coast.. I penned many rough and complete ideas in poetic format. Over the next couple of years, it is my intention to release several “compendiums” of works in various formats.

The Deft, The Daft, and the Defying
D,D, and D is a basic collection of poems, about 100 pages in length augmented with visual elements for added reader entertainment and/ or overall presentational benefit.

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper is volume two of the aforementioned title, planned for release in much the same manner.

Naked Agression
Consisting of approximately 100 poems, N/A will consist of poems that are hand- lettered on to various body parts for photographic documentation and, subsequent, pagination within the volume. This volume will contain nudity and be released on glossy paper, most probably in the 7″ by 7″ format.

Visual Artistry

While literary expressionism has been my life long ambition and/ or quest, I have~ at often and frequent times~ explored various forms of visual expression. These include, but are not limited to, oils on canvass.. soapstone sculpting, and photography.

While I have been practicing sporadically, my style has changed with each new phase of life I have gone through. My latest foray with the oils was truncated by the use of brushes in my day to day work, commercially. I am on the verge of “retiring” from commercial painting and it is my hope to complete many pieces that have sat, like questions not posed, unstarted for far far too long.

Sculpting is a demanding practice. It demands time and space.. both of which I haven’t had in abundance over the last decade. As above, so below- thus, accordingly, I am on the verge of reworking ideas and projects almost started long ago.

I call this my new found passion however, I’ve been shooting for nearly 3 decades. So, it’s not really new. I do admit to preferring to shoot fine art nudes and as such I prefer shooting with film.. ideally, 4×5 “large format” equipment or non- auto gear.. the stuff I ‘cut my teeth’ on.

Musical Art

I have long been playing the Mandolin.. poorly. Over the years, when ever I found two or three minutes of “free” time, I would pull out my old Mandolin and pluck away. About a year and a half ago, I started purchasing hardware that would/ is changing that.. I’ve added a “Mandobird” (an Epiphone 4 stringed electric mandolin) and a Fender 8 stringed electric mandolin, a selection of effects pedals (some awesome.. some, well- I’ll still use them) and some other things. I’ve also brought back into my life keyboards- three Volca’s (Volca Keys, Volca Beats, and Volca Sample.. hoping to add the Volca FM Synth soon) as well as the MicroKorg with Vocoder. On top of that, I’ve added a slew of “apps” to my iPad mini and iPhone.. hybridized solo performances in the key of EcoPUNK are coming.. soon.



Just cleaning things up a bit more and then.. I’ll get down to it. A lot has changed and a lot is about to change.. after four years (or so) of working out of town, it took a bit to reaclimate myself to the fold, as it were. Now, I’m more of a family man, …