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Welcome to M. Scott Ault :: Online .. my little corner of the internet where I will be sharing past, present, and upcoming works of art, thought, and music!

I've been shooting Fine Art Nudes for nearly 3 decades and I have a very unique vision and productive goal. I will be posting my "Artists Statement" shortly but in the meantime, be it known that I am, also, an accomplished sculptor and painter~ both commercially and artistically.

This isn't a "Membership Based" website however- I am leveraging my artistic productivity as a Fund Raising component for my ecoPUNK project Ocean Cyclist that's going to see me become the First Person EVER to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power! So, while I sit here and build my Pedal Powered Boat I've set up a couple different "departments" that will help with funding..

    • Literary Sales .. my Self- Published book is available right now.
    • Patron Galleries.. Annual/ Lifetime access
    • Product Sales.. I'll be adding tons of super awesome things to purchase..

I am a solo artist here.. I work alone and in my spare time.. it's taken me about 4 months to build, all on my own, a Studio- Darkroom for music and photographic work and through the entire process, I've realized good things take time. So, while I might not *update* frequently.. or voluminously.. I'm not Peter Heger with an entourage of support staff.. I am solo.. this is 100% ME and my dream of pedalling a tiny boat around the world is MINE. But, you can share the journey with me.. you can help me on this journey.

Novel Funding

Help support my project and have a fun, entertaining.. slightly dark and real read by purchasing my Novel.. it's a Graphically Enhanced tale of woe.. 'Oh, Woe is me' kinda tale.. I guess you could say it's NOT a "trash romance novel' riddled with saccarine sweet yuppy shower nozel masturbation material.. it is REAL.. it is visceral.. very visual.. and visually enhanced with photography and graphic elements of mine own design. Use the link to purchase the book right from Ocean Cyclist (my website) and have it shipped to your door super fast!


===> PATREON <===


I've launched a PATREON page that will be populated with Stills (nudes and landscapes), video and more! There are different levels of support with different provisions.. and all together, it'll be a ton of fun! So, head on over there and show some support.



I've been shooting Fine Art Nudes for nearly 3 decades in many different locations.. and I've started posting my work here. You do need to be a Registered Member and Upgrade to either the Annual or Lifetime plan to view the galleries.. and all funds will be used to help my ecoPUNK project "Ocean Cyclist" that will see me become The First Person EVER to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power.. I'm currently refitting a cool two- person kayak to be a Fully Enclosed Pedal Powered Boat in which I will live for more than a year.. as I traverse the oceans of the world. All for to promote SUSTAINABILITY (and cycling!).

Mother F**K'n Bike!


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