Mike Ault as found on Wildhorse Pale Ale beer boxes circa late 1990’s.. if you are going to endorse something.. let it be something you enjoy!

Mike Ault is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound and visuals to produce reinterpretations of the world around us. His work is, at times, literal and cutting and at other times.. insightful, impactful, and even sensual. He is a self- taught artist in all genre posessed of a drive towards print publication. He is, also, an adventurer having spent the better part of the 1990’s hitch hiking and cycle touring around North America.

As former managing editor of his student newspaper and owner/ founder of a local arts and entertainment monthly, he has has taken that knowledge and self published the graphically enhanced literary volume titled “The Death of Love” with current work on it’s sequel, titled “Wasted America.” Additionally, he is working slowly on the opus titled “The Zeuphor by Zeupheldt- Moses.

Currently, he lives in Calgary, Alberta and is playing the part of Guerilla Environmentalist and working on a Pedal Powered Boat project that will see him circumnavigate the globe, solo, promoting sustainability and slowing down the speed of life by.. using the bicycle for day to day and life long mobility.