The Rescue Video..

Wolves to the left of me..
Wolves to the right of me..
Here I am, stuck in the middle
without Grandma!!

    .. a sub 22 minute short spotlighting behaviour and acceptability through  a reinterpretation and reimagining of the Red Riding Hood story… based on actual personal events.

    It’s a House Party.. wolves coming in, wolves going out.. wolves drinking.. wolves handing out drinks.. and a group of girls decide to go but things get outta hand!

    A group of friends decide to drive in to The City for a night “On The Town” and are invited to a suburban house party.. where they bear witness to Wolves in Action.. circling their prey and plying them with various forms of intoxicants…

    Mick, his wife, and their fiend Carl head in to the big City for a night of entertainment.. they hit a local dive bar and are invited to a suburban house party. At the house party, they meet tons more people.. specifically three or four clearly underage girls that are acting waaay above their age grade! But- more than that.. there are three guys that keep circling the girls.. bringing them beers when they are getting low.. getting them food.. anything to keep them there. Eventually, MICK is presented with an option.. and This is the Fun Part..

    Mick stands up and starts walking.. and it’s clear that he’s pissed to the gills.. and he needs to piss so- should he go upstairs or downstairs? Simple enough.. so, for Tangent A he uses the downstairs W/C and we have a flow that follows RED One  through to an OD in an alley, downtown Vancouver. Then, somehow, through the magic of special effects we are brought BACK to the party (dichotomy of time/ duality of time lines.. however you want to express it).. and we are back at the exact moment when Mick has the option.. this time (Tangent B) he chooses to go upstairs where he sees 2 guys trying to take advantage of Red (a third in the hall).. he stops them and gets Red downstairs and then gets her friends call her parents.. movie closes with Red, her brother, and her parents at breakfast.. parents explaining- anytime… any reason.. no judgement.. just call. We want you home and safe.. just call.

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