Coming Soon:

RE:Think is a new project of self- realization and divorce.

As I recover from over 40 years of psychological abuse at the hands of my mother I am finding solace in past exploits. “Back in the day” I would calm my mental barrage through cycling, through exploring visual expression in 2D and 3D mediums.. and composing alternative music. For the past 15 years or so.. as all of those pursuits have given way to WORK and survival.. the weight and effect it has had on my mind has grown exponentially.. to a crescendo this past year. 

Thus.. RE:Think is recapturing my past but also a look at our world around us and how we~ all~ relate to it. As this is a NEW project.. expect this to be fine tuned (obvie.. this is literally a super rushed rough draft concept). It will, however, leverage 2D, 3D, musical, literary, and possibly even performance components for exhibition.