Rescue Notes

First and foremost:
Rescue” is a working title. It may remain throughout the production cycle however, it is my interest and intent to modify the title to be less “rescue” motif/ inspiration and more towards a reinterpretation of the Red Riding Hood concept but modernized.

The Core Concept (recap):
The film opens with two cyclists riding down the highway.. they decide to go in to “the city” for a night on the town. While they are at a club, they are invited to a House party where there are several underage teens being fed alcoholic beverages. One of the teens gets too drunk and two of the hosts take her to a room to “sleep it off.” One of the cyclists goes upstairs to use the washroom and sees two of the hosts with the drunk girl undressed.. he goes in and stops them and gets the girl to safety. Movie ends with the girl and her parents over breakfast.. parents saying that she can always call w/ no judgement.

The more Explained Flow:
Opening Sequence: pair of cyclists riding (road/ mtn); Return home (mountain home); Three people discuss going “in to town” for a night on the town. The Three drive in to CITY.

Next: The Three find and go to a dingy, basement style bar- it might not be an exactly “legal” bar.. computer based musician is performing.. The Friend gets invited to a House Party.. The Three leave, go to the van (name “Beethoven” is painted on the nose) and… cut to exterior of house as the van pulls up.. the three get out and go to the house.

Inside: Living room has three couches.. one has four underage teens drinking beers.. The Friend disappears while The Lead and The Wife grab a seat (wife in an armchair, Lead on the arm of the chair).. The Friend comes back with three beers.

Party Flow: generally, discussions take place, The Friend keeps bringing more beers to The Wife and The Lead.. three of the party goers are clearly residents/ hosts.. they wear wolf motif items- sweat shirt w/ wolf head on the back, TShirt w/ wolf head on the front.. things like that. The three take turns bringing the four underage teens beer. Flow One: they just keep bringing beers.. Flow Two: they are shown slipping something in to a beer (rohipnol).. but only once and only in one beer that goes to Red One (n.b.: it might be too much to have two seperate cinematic flow variations.. might just deal with over intoxication instead of Rufy- ing.. that could be a different production).

When Red One shows signs of overt intoxication.. The Wolves swoop in and offer a space for her to “chill” and/ or sleep it off. Two carry her upstairs.

Unrelated- ish.. The Lead gets up to go to the W/C.. the camera is looking him straight on and is kind of out of focus/ very tight aperture for razor thin focus w/ everything else out of focus (add lighting on the lead to intensify his separation from the rest of the room).. he has a choice- he can use the downstairs shitter or head upstairs.. Flow One: He goes downstairs.


Notes on the Characters
The Main- Mick- 35; cyclist- artist; alterna- goth
The Wife- Lynn- 25; model; alterna- goth
The Friend- Carl; 25; French; Gamer- Cyclist.
Red One- 14 & later teen (aged using makeup); wears white and red
Red One- Older (30- 40)
Red Two- 14; wears white and red
Red Three- 14; wears white and red
Red Four- 14; wears white and red (optional)
Wolf One
Wolf Two
Wolf Three (optional)
Night Club Patrons
House Party Guests
Others/ Randoms..