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Today I learned…

The Self in Edmonton prepping to head back out on the road for personal and psychological explorations.

How to open a BLANK file in Logic!

To some that might sound like a normal thing or not that big of a deal but for me.. each time I’ve started to record something~ because I have no idea except my fumbling explorations of Logic and Garage Band~ I’ve had to search for a previous version or previous recording that did things the way I wanted them to.

Little things like the microphones piping through to the DAW app properly.. irregardless of sound values or qualities. It was very difficult for me to get my Mandolin (the acoustic one) mic’d properly in the old South Granville space.. and it was always tinny and plucky.. not the smooth sounds I’m used to in albums.. mostly because I would only have a certain amount of time within which to do my recordings.. so I had to just plug it all in and GO!

Now, I can open a blank document in Logic and tell it what I want.

Thanks to UDEMY… I’m taking a course that will~ by the end of it~ have me mastering tracks like a pro.. well, almost. I’ll be able to record the raw files (mixing and mastering are two totally different games… scary). 

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