Intro to Zeuphie

    The Zeuphor was originally composed during the fall, late fall, and spring of 1990- 91.. I had escaped from The Bubbledome and was exploring the world around me and the person that I had to live with for the rest of my life.. the person I thought I had known my entire life up to that point.

The process
    The pages, about 300 of them, will be scanned individually and “blown up” or enlarged on a second monitor allowing me to transcribe the chickenscratch writings succinctly and easily.
    ~To be explanatory: I had it in my mind that I wanted to cram as many words on to a single page as possible so I used as Fine a nibbed pen as possible~ sadly, mostly in RED ink.. making it even harder to read~ and my hand would cramp up after a few hours of writing so small. It wasn’t until I was in Sedona, Arizona, and met with a wonderful cafe owner who gave me a hand writing analysis (and a whole bunch of free pre- ground java to make Cowboy Coffee with) that I learned the tighter the scrawl the narrower the mind.. so~ after that, I opened up my writing and divested myself of the desire to cram ALL the words in to one volume.

The Title:
    The Zeuphor, as dictated to M. Scott Ault by Zeupheldt- Moses
    ~The title is.. probably confusing. I am Zeupheldt- Moses.. I am M. Scott Ault.. but we are not the same person. I used to use Zeuphie as my nom- de- plum.. and it works. It’s fun. It is a single name.. not a first- last combination.. hmm.. maybe I’ll name my boat after my own name… the name of my soul.

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