I’ve always had the desire to create an unique listener experience.. The Death of Love isn’t a normal novel so why do it normally?

Initial recordings were done quickly… on the “Spur of the moment” style.. it was spring.. I was suffering from heavy duty allergies due to Black Mold in the apartment that would, later, force my pregnant wife and I to move out.. which precipitated the slow downward decline of moving to Kelowna and then…. on.

These recordings, the initial pieces that will be re- recorded this year in a manner that is replicable, were done at a time when I had laryngittis.. mostly. Some of the readings are clear and clean but some are done when I was unable to speak without a ruffled duster sound.

The entire volume will be re- recorded according to my original sonic vision after I finish learning some very necessary steps, tips, and tricks to using Logic, Garage Band, and Samplers (SWOON!!! I’ve got a Korg Volca Sample AND a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator.. it’s gonna be so much fun!!!!)

AND VIDEOS… I’ll be making VIDEOS of annecdotes, inspirations, and what ever I want.. sometimes using spoken word as background.. sometimes not.

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