I started experimenting with oils in the late 80’s and have sporadically carried through to more recent years. Initially, I was purchasing what ever canvass I could find and what ever quality of oils I could find.. mostly in Banff and I’d sit in the living room painting while my room mates were watching one or another TV show.

After moving to Vancouver, I started working in the commercial painting world and learned a few nifty tricks there from. Of particular interest is the use of “Penetrol” and how it allows the oil paint to thin down, become less viscous, and “lay flat” instead of leaving heavy brush lines. I guess you could say that this technique is part of my main process. I have a number of canvass’ that are prepped and now that the Darkroom is more of an art space I’ll be picking up where I left off. 

There are, also, ideas that will be re- interpreted.. the following is initial forrays in to oils on canvass that are, most likely, dated up to about 1997. I’ll be shooting documenting and exhibiting newer material in the very near future.

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