I am a Fine Art Nude Photographer

    Sure, I shoot all sorts of things but my main passion is shooting alternative nudes. Nudes that exhibit a celebration of the human form.. a celebration of the human condition in all it’s various forms and formats.

    I prefer  to shoot with Film as I do feel that, still today- Digital has yet to reach the potential quality of any film available. Essentially- if you wanna enlarge your prints over a certain size.. you ain’t gonna with digital or it’ll just be all pixellated and muddy/ flat but with FILM.. the sky is the limit.

    I’ve been shooting nudes for almost 30 years! I was the first Canadian photographer ever exhibited at the lauded online gallery “Michelle7” And have been described, by other content producers and curators, as being “too artistic.” At first, that designation hurt.. but then I realized- my work isn’t like everyone elses. Just like I am not like everyone else.. so, it’s fitting they would say that.

    My goal is large- scale enlargements.. one- off pieces that will be as tall as a person. In order to do that, I am currently practicing larger and larger print sizes. Right now, I’m at 11″x14″ size but I’ll be working up to 16″ by 20″ on Canvass in the spring with a goal to be printing on hand- sensitized canvasses in the size of *about* 4′ by 6′ which has me massively excited.

    If you want to view some of my work head on over to Right Now.. Memberships are $50 for LIFETIME access while I am working to dial in the apps, features, and what not to make it a cool site. Click the link of the banner and head on over there to check things out.