Born Michael Scott Stephen Ault..
He popped out inauspiciously inside a rather large red brick building that probably had mint- coloured walls and a distinct smell of.. ammonia. The building was in the heart of a not- so large city of ill repute and M. Scott Ault was born to a parental pair of minimal repute.

At a very young age, M. Scott Ault decided to pursue a more artistic and creative avenue for life. He realized that he needed to experience rather than study chicken scratch in bound books or along chalk boarded walls. And so.. one fall morning he was found to meander out to The Highway and proceeded to walk in to the history books of his mind.

The next decade would be spent meandering around North America.. exploring personal studies in to artistic creation.. and finding the love of his life. As a “multidisciplinary” artist, he works with oil on canvass/ found objects and 3D freeform humanistic soapstone sculptures. The big love of his creative life being, however, various formats of photography that involve classic “wet” darkroom work.. getting the hands in to the chemicals and coming home with red tinted eyesight. Thankfully, his darkroom is in his backyard.

In the coming months he will be printing and producing original 8 x10 prints and hand tinting them for individuality. Some images will be sensual nudes.. some landscapes.. some urban documentation. All are unique as he has been dubbed “Too Artistic” by commercial websites.. this year does mark his long hoped for emergence as an artist.