This shall stand as the introduction to A Spoken Four Weeks. 

The spoken recordings will consist of two chanel vocals and a mixture of acoustic and/ or electric instruments along with App Based/ Tablet Based musical accompaniment.

The be clear- the vocals are dual chanelled so as to allow one chanel to be thoroughly “Processed” in a style similar to Al Jourgensen of Ministry fame. I have two (2) vocal phasers along with a looper and a Vocoder (or two really) that will be modifying that vocal track. Recorded in concert, a non- modified audio channel will be facilitated by using a seperate and second microphone.. hence, two chanels. 

It’ll be interesting.. samples shall be showing up shortly.. I do have some “learning” to do first.. my audio experience has always been ” do it now.. or never” and as such I haven’t had a lot of time available to learn new tips and tricks with the DAW environment(s) I use (Garage band and Logic Pro).. but, I also haven’t developed continuity.. so, the things I do learn during one session generally aren’t carried over to the next.

It is my interest and intent to produce more than just this one book of poetry as spoken word.. thus, I see continuity as a key element on this projects progress.. you’ll see posts, here, as I grow through the learning and on to recording…