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      Starting in 2020, I'll be designing and building a Pedal Powered Boat in which I will Circumnavigate the Globe.. it's a HUGE undertaking and as such I'll be posting collections of images, here, in digital format. 

      • Each download will help fund the project I am affectionately calling "TinyDark(room)" .. the build of a Mobile, Trailer based "Tiny Home" styled Darkroom and Product/ Portfolio Studio.
      • Each download will cost 10$, irregardless of image volume(s) within the specific volumes.
      • All volumes will be displayed with a selection of images thus, the product pages will have nudity on them.
      • Visit & follow my instagram (@mscottault &/ or Vero for uncensored image exhibitions) and take a tour of the Deviant Art Page for previews, connections, and more.