Current Works

The Works In Process..

I am currently working on three (3) literary works.. the first is the prequel to The Death of Love, titled “Wasted America,” while the second is~ literally~ the first book I wrote in the 90’s titled “The Zeuphor by Zeupheldt- Moses (as transcribed by M. Scott Ault).”

As a prequel, Wasted America sees The Narrator experiencing life on his own- finding his own way in a new school system.. talks with the Principal, windsurfing on the “lake..” work.. and general life. Nudity abounds as it does with most teenagers and there is a motorcycle involved.. tho, the bicycle does figure quite prominently. It will be a Graphically Enhanced novel and layout themes/ theories will expand on those explored within “The Death of Love.”

The Zeuphor
Started it’s life as a 300 page ring bound notebook.. and when I say “chickenscratch handwriting” I am not joking. It was composed in the early years of the 90’s before I had some spiritual guidance and my penmanship was.. scrawly and small. In all honesty, I think I was trying to cram as many words on to one page as possible. I’ll be scanning the original hand written document and then transcribing each page, as it is but complete with early notes. Once fully transcribed the manuscript will be recomposed.

Recomposition will take place such that the volume will be more/ fully cohesive with mine adjective- rich and fluid prose style. The volume will belaid out in a similar “graphically enhanced” manner and follow volume structure such that there will be three “books” within the one volume titled (not in order): The Zeuphor; Spiritcatchers and Goldfishbowls; and, finally, Serendipity, Skullcrushing Blaspheme.

The Third Volume..
Is a prequel to The Zeuphor titled “Ruby Jazz Moonshine” that is, also, being worked on concurrently. 90% of the text has been composed and it is just being ‘massaged’ for style and flow.