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RE:THINK the world around you!

    RE:THINK is an Immersive and Encapsulated Exhibitional Experience designed to inspire reassessment of the physical world around us.

    My Thesis, if I were to have one, would be that I believe that people want to see things differently. Based on the evidenced fact that people strive for identification outside of their commonly associated social outgroup (derived from nearly a lifetime of examination thereof) I am confident in saying this. Thus, if people are provided with an accessible means to revelation, they will acept it~ even if only momentarily. Furthermore, I feel that this exposure to "Thinking Differently" can produce positive effects- individually, communally, and to the greater good of society.

    It has long been my impression that the world around us holds far more magic than we admit and, as I grew up, I was often to be found tapping on.. hammering on.. or generally interacting in a percussive manner with THINGS that normally are just.. there. Things that people walk past and take for granted.. things that people~ sometimes~ look at but never really look IN TO. Things like amazing works of 3D art. And that probably led to or caused.. you guessed it- never really thinking the same way other people did. So, it is my interest an intent to produce an exhibition that would spotlight.. Thinking Differently!

    I am going to visit and interact with upwards of 20 different and unique works of art across various communities primarily for percussive interaction. I will~ also~ be leveraging my available creative spectrum for diverse documentation in order to spotlight my own personal predillection.. personal perspective that these physical items have more than just optical appeal! I'll be shooting Stills, Video, and combining It All in to an encapsulated exhibitional experience that will be presented to The Public in an alternative, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner.

    To be blunt.. I'm going to go to different sculptures of metalic nature and I'm going to sample their percussive offerings- both naturally ocurring and manually produced (but- all in a non- destructive manner) and, while I visit these pieces I will invite local personalities and groups to explore interaction with said pieces- movement, plateau, timelaps, and more. All producing an overall and appellant multimedia experience for viewers.



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