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            thesis statement

    My Thesis, if I were to have one, would be that I believe that people want to see things differently. Based on the evidenced fact that people strive for identification outside of their commonly associated social outgroup (derived from nearly a lifetime of examination thereof) I am confident in saying this. Thus, if people are provided with an accessible means to revelation, they will acept it~ even if only momentarily. Furthermore, I feel that this exposure to "Thinking Differently" can produce positive effects- individually, communally, and to the greater good of society.

    Technically, I will be using current and developing hardware, software, and social media concepts for combined productivity, production, and outreach. What this means is:
    • I will use portable, digital audio recording tools to document percussive interactions for audio samples that will be positioned in to soundscape compositions. I will, also, be using the same gear to record naturally occuring audio samples from the structures- the sound wind makes as it blasts the structure, the sound the rain makes careening against the surface.. it's static and normal sounds produced by it's environment.. everything. I'll be using~ both~ contact microphones and boom/ shotgun mics to capture both the internal rumblings and the percussive/ natural contact productions thus producing a wide and diverse audio sample- almost HDR Sound, you could say!
    • I'll, also, be placing video cameras at various points araound the selected sculpture to record the ambient visuals that will include unchoreographed public interactions of a various nature with the item. This really has me excited.
    • Furthermore, I will be inviting local personalities and performance groups for on- site interactions of a plateau and motion aspect.. this means I'll invite people for specific and posed placement but also other individuals/ groups for choreographed and/ or improvised motion interaction with the piece.
    • It is my interest and intent to use current and developing productive techniques for output- this includes hand printing in extremely large format images captured with film, reformating of video footage using current and emerging technologies such as Adobe Premier (and After Effects) as well as "EbSynth" for full immersive exhibition.
    • Finally, the exhibition will be a digitally delivered and/ or an in- person experience that may or may not include live performance/ spoken word presentations. All exhibition will be designed and/ or constructed in an "encapsulating" manner so as to foster a separation from the general surroundings if and where ever possible.




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