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            Equipment List & Needs

    Sometimes it helps to know the gear involved.. .

    Documentation involves stills, video, and audio samples of interactions with the selected pieces.
    • Stills will be covered by a range of film and digital based equipment including, but not necessarily limited to: Nikon F5 camera and it's lenses; Nikon F90x and it's lenses; Nikon d610 and it's lenses; Holga 120 film; Nimslo quadtratic film; As well, I'll be using colour print, black and white print, and specialty film (such as black and white infrared) for wide lattitudes of documentation.

    •  Audio interactions will consist, firstly, of onsite percussive interactions as well as environmental interactions. As such, the OnSite Interactions will be documented using~ both~ contact microphones and "shotgun" or 'instrument' microphones in order to produce a high dynamic range and tonality of sample. This way, the internal "tremulations" as well as the physical contact of percussive interactions will be documented concurrently but on different tracks thus- they will be able to be used in conjunction with each other or.. independantly of each other. With regards to environmental audio samples.. this will require primarily contact microphones and weather resistant recording/ documenting equipment all with "longevity" of placement in mind so as to document a wide variety of environmental impacts on the structure.

    • Finally, Motion Video and TimeLapse Documentation will be taken care of by two Nikon d5100 "dSLR" cameras mounted on sturdy tripods. Additional footage can and may be produced using GoPro "action" cameras for extended recording times.

Production & Exhibition
    Production and Exhibition are currently in the works but will involve a wide lattitude of items. Stay tuned for updates.



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