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Let's Make Some Shorts!!

    My name is "M. Scott Ault," and I've always been super fascinated with cinmeatic explorations.. so much so, as the saying goes, that I've been collecting equipment.. usually, pieces that I can use for more than one concept. Now- I am only a couple pieces away from being able to do it my way!

So.. Let's Make Some Shorts!!

A Bit About Me
    I was born in a rather unremarkable city where youth stagnates and adulhood never really emerges.. so, at 20-ish, I "dropped out" and went on an amorphous exploration of The Real World and My Very Real Self within it. I spent the better part of the 90's (that's 1990's) hitch hiking around N. America.. being "footloose and fancy free" from sun- up to sun- down, And sometimes, come sun down, I would have to find rather creative bedding- down places (oh, the stories I want to tell..).

    Afterwards, while living in Vancouver, I was connected to a "pre- production" TV show (stills samples, at right) that was oddly similar to an idea I had for a tv show (story at 11). I was Webmaster, Promotions, Stills Photography, Casting, and so much more. At the very same time, I was working with a friend of mine on our own production company- the plan was to leverage the connections (and funds) from the TV Show for our own ends and results. It was a marvelous time.. full of excitement and possibilities. I learned so much and I was so eager to learn.. MORE.

    One fateful day- I went to log in to the TV Show website and do a bunch of needed work but.. my passwords wouldn't work.. and all phone calls to the production company went.. unanswered. So.. I borrowed heavily and got a lawyer and he was certain the settlement would be.. hefty.. and in my favor. But, after doing exhaustive research in to the person behind the TV show, my lawyer advised me: "If you take him to court, you'll win.. but he's an a**hole- he'll make you use up every last dime you are awarded just to get paid so.. it won't be worth it." And so.. my dream had to be put on hold "temporarily."

    My dream of creating a "mockumentary" series of cinematic shorts that covered the "making of" my graphically enhanced literary novel "The Death of Love" were.. slowed to cold molasses speed. I had so many shorts all wire- framed and I had a killer promotional campaign set up.. just needed some equipment and.. well, money.

    Today, my dream is to produce inspiring material in still and video format. Leveraging time lapse, videoscape, and plateau production for insight and entertainment.. bringing to bear technological advancements and social media relationships to distribute immersive, encapsulating, and engrossing project production.

    Over the years, I've purchased almost all the gear needed to make Web- Ready productions and while I'm not a killer editor, I have been playing with motion editing.. and really- Premier is not all that different from Photoshop afterall. So, the learning curve, while I am still on it, isn't that hard. I've been practicing basics with my company "The General Bean" and prepping for my own creative output.

What Gear?
    •  Well, I'm a stills photographer by passion so.. I started by purchasing a nifty but not over the top Nikon d5100 and playing with it's video feature.. I've since added a second and plan on adding a third. They are older dSLR's but quite functional, IMHO ( that means In My Humble Opinion).
    • There's also this thing- holding the camera in your hand = shaky and hard to follow footage.. so I purchase a Steadicam Rig.
    • I'm~ also~ a folkie musician and Soundscape producer (just listen to some of the samples on my main page) so I've bought a portable digital audio recorder.. and a few microphones that are super cool. And a handheld audio recorder that is super cool too.
    • And various/ other things like tripods, stands, lights.. random things.
    All together.. I really only need a quality Shotgun Mic and Boom Arm and maybe another d5100 such that multiple angles can be covered for one take.. avoiding continuity issues that sometimes break the spell that the production casts. Continuity is super important to me.. I'd rather work out a technical method to capture all desired angles in one take rather than having to go back the next day (or a month later) to re-shoot for The Angle.

So.. Let's Get Producing!!!

    Some productions might appear to be Me, working out personal demons.. that's OK because I see artistic creativity as therapy. I always had at least a sketchpad with me while I was hitch hiking around.. sometimes actual oil paints and brushes.. canvasses. Kind of like my grandfather, Ludlow J. Weeks (who was a friend to The Group of Seven member Maurice Haycock and family rumour has it that he turned down an invitation to join The Group). But, some others will be sourced from current news, current interests, and *other* spaces.

And So...
    I'm looking for volunteers to participate in one.. some.. or all of the productions, just take a tour of their individual 'Wire Frame' pages that you will find in The Menu. It's not very graphically rich.. but it is explanational. Some Shorties are earmarked for earlier production than others.. so check out the different pages for when I am planning on shooting each one. Oh- and APPLY.. you do need to use the Application Form to express your interest in participation.

Storyboard Treatments and/ or Scripts will be provided to individuals selected for audition



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