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Everyone explores, interacts, and relates to the world in a different manner. What’s yours?

    Cicada interacts with her world in a very different and unique manner.. she is auditorially and percussively oriented such that she taps on anything to learn the sound it produces.. she carries, with her at all times, a pair of Dulcimer hammers (not just drum sticks) and taps.. hammers.. slaps.. anything.

Key Scenes (unordered):
    •Opening Scene has Cicada in her garage "studio" that has a drum kit but also a whole bunch of percussive "things" all around the place including just random pieces of steel, cut up oil drum, and stuff like that but all mic'd so she's playing away *kind of like* "Some Kind of Wonderful" opening but.. different. She sets up LOOPS and then gets up and plays other things that get looped.. even uses Launchpad for some things..
    •Art Interaction.. school trip to public art- she is with a group of friends checking out a new public art installation.. it's metal, bulbous.. she can't help but go up to it and hammer on it- fingers tapping, fists.. slapping.. dulcimer hammers and to each percussive contact, she is listening intently to the sounds the sculpture creates. Could be opening scene. Could be the bulbous circle oriented sculpture in Edmonton. Contrary presentation would have Friends standing and absorbing the view. Full Production Concept:The scene would be shot at/ near sunset to achieve Light Painting options.. do some timelapse videography, light painting creativity.. use still photos as elements and suchlike.. a good opening scene that would end have nobody really touching the sculpture but at the end Cicada touches.. feels.. hears rumbling of traffic throughthe frame of balls.. so she pulls out hammers and starts tapping and experiencing.. differently.
    •Bedroom.. typical teen (current.. i.e.: real, not staged) bedroom.. she's supposed to be studying.. shes listening to music.. some drum heavy music and she dances improv style to it. Wearing long thin tshirt as "nightie"
    •River/ Lake Shore Swimming Scene where Cicada and her friends go to cool off on a super hot summer day.. Cicada doesn't have a swimsuit so she goes in clothed.. just goes in and gets wet. In the water, she is hammering with open palms on the surface not to splash but to hear the sound of the river.. the water.. after, they are walking away but Cicada is holding her shoes, wet from head to toe.
    •Garage Scene.. it's a super hot night .. so hot that it's nearly impossible to sleep so Cicada goes out to the garage to play her drums. Glistening with sweat she is seen in the red flood lit room and low- level night light. SPFX- glitter or water is placed on the skins at one point for a slo- mo contact shot that sends the water/ glitter splashing/ flying.

    Cicada: 13- 17; tall, gangly.. height/ weight proportionate
    Friends of Cicada (4 to 6ppl): 13 to 17; OPEN;
    Teacher- open
    River/ Lake shore
    Randoms- halls with metal railings; stairwell w/ same;

Production Timeline:
    Mid summer, 2022; Possible Municipality: Edmonton, Calgary, and/ or Red Deer, Alberta.

    Cicada is a production that will examine one specific and unique type of person.. the percussively aligned.. and her interaction(s) with the world around her through a variety of plateau and vignette designed segments in a short sub- 22 minute format.

    Cicada is an integral part or aspect of my art project "RE:think" as it leverages many of the theories I am working on in that project. Cicada, also, traces it's origins to that fateful first night when I was walking down an Ann Arbour street only to turn a corner and spy.. The Cube (link).. it was typical fall foggy night with wet roads like you see in Hollywood films and I couldn't help myself.. I ran up to The Cube and slapped it with my hand.. imagine my surprise when it TURNED on it's point?!?!?! The next morning I was armed with walkman, tape, and batteries and recorded my percussive interaction with that wondrous sculpture. Oddly, I ended up in the local newspaper (that's me, playing The Cube- exacly and directly copied from the newspaper, on the index page of this module). And, I used to be the kid that would tap anything and everything just to see the different sounds things created.



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