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Princess of Bastardia

    An examination into determinism, impact of The Other, and the importance of authority~ and who, truly, has it.
    To be shot in Suburban areas.. Leveraging the “Neighbourhoods of the Blind” poetic.. the girl is young but has the neighbourhood boys wrapped around her little finger. In a way, this could be seen as a tongue- in- cheeck mocking of The Gang concept. It can also be seen as taking a meme and turning it in to live action short broadcast (the girl, seen holding her underwear open for a boy to look in, says "with this I'll rule your life").

    •Female Lead: early to mid teens; athletic/ slender physique.
    •Male "gang" members (+/- 5ppl) +/- 15
    •Female "gang" members (+/- 3) +/- 15
    •Parents (+/- 3 pairs); open
    •Extras- open

Locations (pending/ suggestions):
    •Suburban tree lined street (Ottawa?)
    •Alley behind home(s)
    •River Front

Production Time Line:
    Principal photography in 2022/ 2023.



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