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The Come Back Room

    The Come Back Room is a series of Shorts~ or Vignettes~ dealing with the same lead charactr in various situations and potentially over a wide lattitude of time and physical space.

    The title comes from my daughter and conversations we had as she was growing up. She would talk about "The Come Back Room" often and was kind of verbose in her descriptions.. and, oddly, this was shortly after she learned to speak. Futher, her explanations were concurrent to my own experiences (mostly long since forgotten) that I never even shared with her.. since~ I mean, she was about 2 at the time so.. why bring up such odd and obscure concepts?!?!

    As a concept, The Come Back Room is sort of the "waiting room" before a soul re- enters the real world. Kind of an ante- chamber before life begins. Hard to explain but as Bean was growing in her moms belly I felt this grander expanse.. that she was sitting there.. waiting to be born and watching her mom and me as we coached her along. Thus, this series of vignettes will be slightly more.. metaphysical in nature.

    Right now, there are about 7 different vignettes that are less than wire framed but will be fleshed out in the very near future. Each vignette will be treated with independantly of the others but all vignettes will be produced under the banner of "The Comeback Room" (as a rough title only).. I'll post the individual sections, here, as they get "fleshed out" a bit more.



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