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    The Unappreciated meets the World Weary.. both flourish

    Core: youthful individual who is unappreciated by her "alpha" typified best friend meets an older artist who is world weary and has hit "the wall" for creative output.. he's unmotivated and she's overlooked. They meet in an unexpected way and as their friendship grows, they both flourish.

Character Description(s):
    Camena: is a beta personality.. for one reason or another, she feels less- than in comparison to her friends.. particularly VICKY who is the group Alpha. Physically, she is slender, less "developed" when compared to VICKY and generally follows what her more outgoing friend says and does.
    The Artist: is a an old soul in an old body.. he's tired from a life of producing more and more and more.. he does understand that~ in order to remain relevant~ he needs to continually produce because The Audience only wants new.. new images not reprints. He has some "accollades" as an artist.. he's appreciated and somewhat known in certain circles but.. he's tired of having to keep moving forward and he doesn't see any real progress at all.
    Vicky: is the alpha personality in the group of *approximately* four to six girls in the group. She "developed" early and, while that has it's own issues that it created, has been more of the "instigator" of things.
    Friends/ Peer Group: random collection of girls the same age as Vicky and Camena; pretty much open and fulfill the concept of adding emphasis to the biting ridicule Vicky extends to Camena.. specifically, we see no less than one girl who is equally developed and yet Vicky shows no agression/ ridicule towards her.

Brief Synopsis:
    • The short opens with the group of highschool friends going to The Lake or to The River to cool off during the swealtering summer heat.. at The Water, some girls go in wearing underwear and tshirts, some have bikinis with them.. Camena has neither and so she sits by the waters edge shy to go in until her friend, VICKY, calls to her to come in.. she removes tshirt and shorts and, wearing bra and panties, starts walking towards the waters edge when all the girls, together, start to berate her for being underdevelopped.. instead of going in to the water, she rushes back to her clothes, grabs them and runs off.
    • Next, we fade in to The Artists Studio.. a vast empty warehouse styled space and he's sitting there.. contemplating. Not doing anything. N.B.: Photos/ prints are on one wall that kind of resembles a living room (meet and greet area) and there is a double- door entry to what might be a darkroom (red light is on). He sits slumped a bit forward then *sighs* and flops and sits back in the chair he is in.. sighs again.
    • One day, after school, Vicky comes running up to Camena and says "lets go get a coffee." so they go to a nearby cafe..
    • The Artist happens to be sitting and waiting for a model meet up.. he has a folio of his prints and a few books from other photographers (Sturgess, Murrian, China Phillips...). His table is beside the condaments table, a lower table so if you are standing @ the condaments prepping your java, you look down~ essentially~ on his table. His table would fit 4 people. Camena and Vicky go to fix up their coffees (N.B.: The "barista" asks them if they are staying or going.. they say going so he asks for their travel mug so they change their mind (they don't have one on them) and stay.. he gives them ceramic mugs.. mismatched) and VICKY sees the books et. al. .. whispers to Camena to look.. they go and sit down and start talking.. VICKY brings the convo back to the artwork.. ultimately saying "I dare you to go talk to him." and so she does.. nervously.. the conversation starts stiltingly.. stop and go.. Camena looks to VICKY for "permission" to leave and VICKY motions for her to stay.. with a "go on..." gesture.. so she talks further sitting (perhaps) with her hands in between her knees in a "I'm closed" posture except when she goes to take a sip of her coffee.. but the talking smooths out and The Artist starts showing her more and more of his work, less and less of Reanna, Jen Hilton (etc.).
    • Next day.. ARTIST is walking down the street with his satchel of books.. realizes A) he's near That Cafe and B) It's "about that time" that he met that girl.. so, he goes to That Cafe.
    • Camena walks past the cafe.. one or two stores later, she stops and has a "pondering" look to her.. decides to go to the cafe- doesn't see ARTIST at first.. just orders coffee (again, to go/ stay.. hands her ceramic mismatched mug) and she goes to sit down.. looks up and sees The Artist and smiles- takes on a whole new composure of happiness and self worth.
    • They end up going to The Artists studio.
    • Camena models for The Artist.
    • Meet the Parents.
    • Another modelling session.
    • Two instances of Camena standing up to Vicky.
    • VICKY asks if she can come and model for the artist too (optional).
    • The Artist and Camena visit The Artists dealer/ art rep and show him some of the prints they have been working on.
    • End with Camena and Artist exhibiting tender friendship.

    Additional information including scene breakdown, storyboard, principal photography notes, will be provided to successful applicants.

    •Camena- f; slender, small breasted/ "slow developer"// age range: 13 to 17
    •The Artist- m; 40+.. 50+
    •Vicky- f; "voluptuous" (well developed); 13- 17
    •Friends- f; 13- 17; open
    •Barrista- open
    •Mother- f; open
    •Father- m; open
    •Extras- random

Locations (pending/ suggestions):
    •streetside/ sidewalk
    •Warehouse styled studio
    •River/ lake for swimming.

Production Time Line:
    Looking at late 2022.



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