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    Loosely inspired by the NFB film "Rail Rodder" starring Buster Keaton but placing the "Vagabond" on a pedal powered rail cart instead of gas powered.. and placing a female in the Lead Role. Heavy use of DRONE photography to capture the look and feel of riding the rails.

    THe core concept is roughly consistent with The Rail Rodder in that a Vagabond/ PERSON sees an ad in a newspaper (?) or on Social Media.. to Come Visit Canada (Social Media would be better) and so.. the person (who happens to be standing on a recognizable bridge) climbs on top the railing and dives in.. next, we see that person emerge from the Ocean in Halifax.. walk a few feet towards a rail line and sees.. the Rail Cart. Since it's a Velo Cart, it's not on the tracks but someone's bike is afixed.. she goes back to the ocean and starts pulling on a string.. finally, her bike emerges (upright) out of the water.. she wades in a little bit, gets it.. and goes back to The Cart to remove the other bike (consistent with the original, the Rail Line Worker is napping nearby). She mounts her bike, puts on her cycling shoes (where were they? Who cares) and.. pedals off.

    •At one point, the rail line is "switched" wrong for her and so she ends up cycling up to Churchill.. and seeing The Hudson Bay before realizing the error.. since she's never been there, how would she know?? She physically turns the Rod around and cycles off back towards.. the main line.
    •Filming with the female lead will take place at specific points across the country to highlight sights and leverage social media through "dailies" releases in "reel" format and inviting local participation as The Production Company moves from Halifax to Vancouver.
    •Much of the filming will be done without the Female Lead.

    •Female Vagabond: 20-ish; cyclist.

Locations (pending/ suggestions):
    •Recognizable Bridge in Europe.. Japan.. (the film can go either direction across the continent)
    •Port Shoreline
    •Rail Line near Port Shoreline
    •Many Points across the country of promotable importance

Production Time Line:
    Initial Drone photography in 2022; Principal Character Based spring of 2023; release: fall of 2023.



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