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The Rescue- working title
    Not all wolves are hunters.. A story about preventing sexual assault.
     The wolf saves Little Red Riding Hood!

    The story deals with one character thwarting sexual assault of an underage teen girl at a house party.

    Story Development- generally.. three people go from a small mountain town to The Big City for a night out.. get invited to a house party. At the house party there are underage drinkers.. the tennants of the house appear to be about to take advantage of one of the girls and The Lead thwarts their efforts.

Script c/w blocking and key shots available to successful applicants.
    The Lead- 30ish.. blonde, athleti-goth
    The wife- 20-ish blond hair, athleti-goth
    The Friend- 25-ish blond hair, bearded, athletic/ cyclist
    The Girl- underage; slender/ athletic.
    The girl's friend(s)- underage/ same age as The Girl; Open.
    The Parents- typical or atypical (generally, Open).
    The DJ
    Bar Patrons- several; alt; of similar age
    Bar Staff- open
    Bar & Party extras (20 +/-)
    Highway Side; Cycling; Trans Canada(x 2 views)
    Overpass; Lake Louise- ish
    Rancher style house; Outside View
    Camper Van; Inside View
    Highway- night/ Driving
    Run Down Bar
    House- open.
    House-Living room
    House-Upstairs Bedroom
    Home- kitchen/ breakfast nook.

Crowdfunding Link coming soon.


Production Time Line:
    Initial photography can take place in 2022.



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