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Momentary Hearts
    Sometimes things aren't what they seem
    A creative reinterpretation of the Edgar Allan Poe tale "The Tell Tale Heart" leveraging the "alternate reality" ending for variation but also delving deeper in to the characters of The Nurse and The Old Man.

    •There won't be police in this telling
    •The Musical Score will be a reinterpretation of the "Art of Noise" song "Moments in Heart" reinterpreted for length and tone changing as the scene requires but remaining consistently "there" throughout. I am, currently, working on this composition.
    •Key Scene: dismemberment of the body; Nurse is naked during the process.. where "Dexter" is practiced in preventing blood transferrence the Nurse is not so, it only goes to follow that she might just strip naked to cut up The Old Man's body.. letting the blood flow and spray where it will.. she just needs to take a shower afterwards.

    The Nurse (chosen)
    The Old Man- wheelchair bound/ proficient; 40+.. 50+
    Friends of The Nurse (+/- 4 or 5.. 20ish)
    Extras- open

    Living Room
    Mall Hallway (Crossroads Market; just "pre opening" for look and feel)
    Bar/ nightclub
    Party Scene

Production Time Line:
    Initial photography can take place in 2022.



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