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M. Scott Ault :: An Introduction

My name is "M. Scott Ault," and I was born in a rather large red- bricked building near the heart of a somewhat non- descript and thoroughly unremarkable city.. The Bubbledome.. the seat of all festering boredom.. a dovetail of demise where youth stagnates and adulhood never really emerges. I was borne at the tail end of the season of looove.. the decade of drugs.. and I was saved by the healing hands of movement.. of rhythmic meandering and magical movement.

I saw my future glaring and lifeless.. listlessly burning a hole through my cranium.. as I sped my two wheeled acoustic steed through the avenues and roadways of The Bubbledome.. I saw my grey lifeless skin hanging dank on my flaccid arms, belly protruding like a jello bowl and my fluorescent stained face staring me back.. bleak, blank of expression from years and beers.. staring me back in the morning with cold feet on the wet tiled floor.. chilled all year long. No slip, crack, and sudden end.. just protracted waste of.. life.. wasted breath.. my breath.. my life~ wasted.

Instead of squandering youth in a classless society that constantly berates and undermines growth and individuality.. sitting behind a cashiers desk or bundled behind a half- wall formica barricade of boredome and death staring deadfast at the cursor on a computer screen~ I decided to.. go forth and~ not to prosper, no, but to prevent the slow, festering death! And, ultimately.. preventing the abhorrent waste of life in general.. MY LIFE!!

It took me travelling across the country (several times).. spending hour upon hour alone, by the side of the road.. in the sun.. in the rain.. alone with nothing but my thoughts to realize who I was.. and where I came from. A lifetime spent avoiding neppotism.. decades spent fighting what I thought was "privelage" .. wanting to "go it on my own" because nobody- not even my own family- was truly there to help me at any turn, at any corner.. at any juncture of my fractured and broken existence. It took the journey to show me that my own personal and family history has meaning. Even if nobody else in this stinking world see that.. I do, now.

I've lived a life out of balance.. avoided rat race dogtrack dogma.. I didn't want to turn in to my Father and I haven't.

*this page is a work in progress.. watch it grow.. it's not an easy area to clobber with one fell swoop so I'm taking micro bites at a time. More will be added.. soon*



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