nine oclock

It’s 9:00, Childhood Fantasy Day

Originally, this was being worked on as a Musical. Today, who knows.

The general concept was to leverage elements of Theatre of the Absurd (think Tom Stoppard and his “Rosencrants and Guildenstern are Dead” production) alongside then- current and/ or cutting edge technologies to produce a clearly dichotomized viewpoint where in the audience would see two different “worlds” whereby one “world” would be natural and childlike the other world would be urban decay and roughness.

While I have been divested of all the original notes and scribblings for this production, as I go over my mental notes I am finding that the piece was an exploration in to authority and a dichotomy of reality where some people might *choose* to live a certain way in effort to avoid pain and anguish.. anxiety.

Furthermore, as a victim of child abuse I see the work I did on this project/ production to be exhibitional of mine own subconscious mind trying to tell my conscious mind.. “HEY, this happened! Deal with it or it’ll come back to haunt you!”

Now, I am especially eager to see this project come to fruition~ and at a far greater scope than initially intended thanks, in no small part, to current cutting edge technologies~ with the goal of preventing or educating others against or to child abuse, it’s prevalence, and the clearly negative effects it has on the child (who rarely grows up and out of the situation).