I am going Around the world
In a Pedal Powered Boat
I am.. The Ocean Cyclist

    It is my goal to leverage the sensationally intense activity of Piloting a Pedal Powered Boat fully around the world in order to inspir others to adopt cycling for day to day and lifelong mobility. Heck, it worked for me.. so why not others?

Check out my route video:

    My route follows a rough “great circle” and I will pass through two points that are considered “Antipodal” to each other (diametrically oposite on both hemisphere and side of the planet). My chosen antipodes are a point on the North Island of New Zealand that has, as it’s counterpoint, a point near the Straight of Gibraltar. This means I’ll be cycling through the Suez Canal and passing quite close to the Great Pyramids at *about* the half way point of my journey.. so expect a kinda big party to take place. Either right there or somewhere in that general area.

A great model showing off her beauty and how well she melds with the beauty of The Bicycle.

    I want to show how awesome cycling is! I have toured across Canada, most of the US States, worked as a bike courier and even commuted all over the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, BC, and environs) as a Commercial Painter.. by BIKE. It’s better- IMHO- to spend a couple hours riding than prepping, driving to the gym, and spending an hour or so using machines that make you think you are getting healthy. RIDING is LIVING.
    Motorcycles are passe.. BIKES are the future..  sooo I’m going to shoot Bicycles..  and I’m going to shoot them with girls.. and sometimes the girls will be wearing skimpy clothes.. and sometimes the girls will be wearing nothing at all.. and we’ll be in some pretty amazing locations.. sometimes I’ll shoot the girls all on their own in those amazing locations.. with and without clothing on. Sure- I have a lot of work ahead of me.. not just building the boat but open water trials this year/ next.. and the journey itself but.. why not build- in some great, creative, FUN at the same time?!?!