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         Who Am I ?!?!

        My name is M. Scott Ault, fine art nude photographer, sculptor, and author. I grew up in a world that seemed apathetic and implausible and I was ambivalent and rudderless so I dropped out of everything and went walkabout for years on end. I meandered the high ways and bi ways of North America.. I walked, I cycled.. I trapsed my mind around and met with plethoric ideals that challenged, contended, and helped grow mine own perspective diversely.. conversely.. serruptitiously.. I grew and changed.

        I have lived on the fringes of society for the majority of my life. In the new year, I will be officially launching my project "Ocean Cyclist" that will see me Design & Build a Pedal Powered Boat with the goal of piloting that craft around the world.. Full Global Circumnavigation by Pedal Power.. My Print and Download Sales are one small means of supporting this project. I am, also, launching an "OnlyFANS" page for additional finding.. and the ability to post the images that I've been creating over the last.. long while. Finally, I will~ also~ be launching a CrowdFunding campaign to give my Studio a boost.. the studio that I will be shooting in from now unto eternity.. that will host the boat build (and the fun/ crazy/ scary antics of the project) and much much more.