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      Who Am I ?!?!

      My name is M. Scott Ault, fine art nude photographer, sculptor, and author. I grew up in a world that seemed apathetic and implausible. I was ambivalent and rudderless so I dropped out of everything and went walkabout for years on end. I meandered the high ways and bi ways of North America.. I walked, I cycled.. I trapsed my mind around and met with plethoric ideals that challenged, contended, and helped grow mine own perspective diversely.. conversely.. serruptitiously.. I grew and changed.

      I have lived on the fringes of society for the majority of my life. An undergrad sociologist who "went native" instead of pursuing scholastic completion.. twice.. I chose not to merge with the minions that mark our days off in Tunney's Pasture.. I chose the road less travelled and I am afforded an unique perspective on many different aspects because of this.