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        I shoot Fine Art Nudes.. and that's what I bring to you!

        I've been shooting nudes for nearly 3 decades.. and while I was the first Canadian Art Nude Photographer to be exhibited at Michelle 7 it has been several years since I exhibited my work in any format, online or in the real.

        My exhibitional hiatus emerged as I began to spend more of my day in what is commonly called.. a Day Job.. which means that I am a "Working Artist." As my day job grew in it's day to day demand, my 'time and energy' for artistic productivity waned.  This combined with the fact that I had been living without a darkroom for far too long resulting in almost extinguished creative energies. With a recent relocation to Calgary, AB., however, my attention towards Fine Art Nudes and creative explorations has been~ happily~ redoubled.. and the potential for a darkroom is looming on the horizon. 

        Contrary to my contemporaries, however, my goal is to shoot in such a manner as to capture the life & vitality.. the very ESSENCE of the individuals I worked with. I don't use digital much.. I find Film allows for my enlargement interests far more succinctly. Film is, also, far more nuanced in comparison and allows for more fine- tuned results. So, where my contemporaries shoot thousands upon thousands of images in hopes of getting one or five that rock.. I grew up in the Film Photography World where limited volumes were available.. only select shooters had access to the "mythical" 250 exposure magazines and I was never one of those. So, I had to make each and every shot count.

        It is this sentiment I bring to you.. in Bourdoir or Fine Art Nude orientation. 

        Singular Vision.. Selected Equipment
        From the very beginning of my photographic journey, I used specially selected pieces of hardware. Starting with the Canon A-1 with it's "clutch" allowing for awesome multiple exposures to the incomparable Nikon F5. These cameras have incredible features and I've been using them for nearly 3 decades.. they are my "best friends" when it comes to shooting.

        Singular Print Artistry
        Each print is a singular work of art.. capturing in an appreciative, celebratory manner the individual.. YOU! Shooting with film allows for larger sized prints but once the print has been made.. I Hand Tint each print in order to enhance subtlety and specifics. I've been hand tinting for nearly 20 years.. there is an art form to it and I bring my experience and attention to detail to bear for you.

        Let me immortalize you in an Original Work of Art! It all starts with a few emails and discussions.. possibly a meet for a coffee. We'll, then, start making plans for a Shoot Location- either indoor or out- and looking towards the Finished Print.

        Schedule your Sitting Now!