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        The story of age.. of self realization.. and recapturing love. 


        Camena is the story of an artist who has hit a dry spell.. popularity is peaking for his work however, he has no 'juice' so at the behest of his agent, he leaves the city of his life and goes "somewhere else" for a bit of a VaCay.. problem is, he meets a girl who decidedly inspires him. So much so that he starts working again.. almost prolifically. And then she starts posing for him and he really starts working hard again.


        There are three phases.. sort of:

        • Prologue:
        • Phase One: Character Intro & Development
        • Phase Two: Relational Development & Individual Growth
        • Phase Three: Oh Shit/ Oh Fuck! <- kinda big problems.. 
        • Recap/ Epilogue: Recap/ Return to Normal: Solidifying theory

        Character List (incomplete):

        • The Artist
        • Artists Agent
        • Artists friend- city
        • Artists friend- retreat
        • Gallery Staff (3)
        • Resort Front Desk
        • Resort Staff (3)
        • Camena
        • Camena's Best Friend
        • Camena's classmates (+/- 8)
        • Camena's gym teacher
        • Cafe Staff (2~ 3)

        Locations (incomplete):

        • Artists Loft- city
        • Art Gallery- city
        • Outdoors/ walk in the woods type thing
        • Downtown (retro) Cafe
        • Highschool- general
        • High School- gym class
        • High School- girls change room
        • Cemetary (?)
        • Boat (?)
        • Art retreat Air BnB

        The Novel is being written presently.. notes rediscovered 09/2019!!!