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        characters and descriptions :: it's late at night, will clean up in the AM


        Medium height (5'4" ~ 5'6"); age range 16- 24; natural blonde hair- ranges from bottle blonde to dyed black (and multi coloured).. long to mowhawk; athletic physique; artistic.. that weird blend of adventure, art and... some undefinable quality that pushes him on to do something wholly different with his life.
            •Variations: According to certain schools of thought, our "self perception" or image of the SELF is a constantly changing thing. It is my goal to use the character of KC as highlight of this concept. As such, I am proposing to use several different individuals to represent KC at different points.. the actual expression/ use might be something as simple as when KC looks in to a mirror or glass window, he sees one of the other individuals staring back.. but when others look at him, the primary actor will be shown.. 
            •Taller, skinnier but mostly the same 

        16 to 18, student in high school; ski racer; drama queen (theatre); black hair straight and short// bob styled.. 
        ~Lisa's Friends.. Portia, Jen.. Goro Canyon.. (more)

        Matt Jones
        alternative, freeform.. tall and lanky; best friend to lisel

        Matt Pragma
        room mate, moved out... super tall and skinny.. 

        shoulder length curly brown hair, bordeline alcoholic.. habitual drunk driver; part of the amazon north to rio troupe; smoker; not a cyclist 

        bright blonde hair, average to sub- average build.. aspires to be a "Cocktail" styled bartender; ambivalent smoker.. but never pays for it; non cyclist but goes on amazon north to rio

        Little Barbichko
        queen of the highway!! my height, blonde/ brown curly hair.. tracked- gonna go to uni, get married in 2nd year, get preggers by grad and move to suburbia.. then become a librarian... she leaves with me on that track and comes home a changed woman!! 

        barbs friend that lived in the attic w/ hedgehog; long jet black hair, tall.. amazonian, talks about fluevof shoes, we have a convo about barb and having sex.. i think shes talking about barb and someone else.. shes talking about me and barb.

        Apartment Heads- 3..
        photographer wanna be, B type character, bleached blonde surfer look, surfer clothes
        brown hair, mostly seen in cutoffs
        wide open, 22yr old 

        takes me skydiving friends with Kate; blonde (natural streaking), strong and well built woman.. adventurous.. amazonian! incident of note: we sneak in to see point break, the  she decides to go skydiving.. invites KC 

        earls waitress, brown hair.. dream for most of the guys in town; comes over for a few massages

        bleached blonde hair, naturist .. gateway drug: alcohol

        room mate, destroyed rockhopper; long jesus hair, scruffy beard.. old school metal head; incident of note: hiking rundle at night, while drinking.. and trying to get back to the city b4 last call

        british, a bit older (closer to 30), nanny in town.. nanny for hire.. lives in a converted garage.. asian paper screen for bathroom walls.. 

        british, 5’4” or so.. fit.. blonde (natural, sandy)

        red hair quebecoise.. cook, worked @ The St. James Gate 

        red haired aussie girl girlfriend of matt love..


        Calgary Crew

        • Dolphin Leigh
        • Jennifer Adamaskie
        • Chris & Stacey.. Inglewood Apartment; Ice Cream
        • Colon with the gun
        • Twylla
        • Moses
        • Scott- who got me in to couriering: road weary hippy; blonde, tall.. skinny.. science major at UofC
        • Nick who brought me from stampede to rush; brunette, "normal" physique.. went on to dispatch
        • Gail- rush dispatch
        • ?? breezer rider- lesbian, blonde.. cyclist physique; smoker
        • Errol// flynn- beach bum blonde hair, older.. 30's.. been couriering for awhile already when I came on the scene
        • Tania- who bought my cramerotti- long blonde hair, mother and courier
        • Roy Hobgoblyn- short brown hair, skinny... rode a sweet Rocky Mtn bike
        • Roy's GF that moved to Utah w/ my sweater- younger (couldn't get in to the bars) with some baby fat still around the cheeks.. loved sex!!! 
        • Josh- long hair keanu reeves type.. girlfriend worked @ the underground
        • Josh’s GF that worked @ undergound wearing pattent leather (white) docs and AMAZING calves!!! 
        • Jody Pearson~ look of hellen hunt.. cross over, partial attic experience, partial house- help her "escape" from a night w/ Colon 

        bozeman crew



        Ottawa Crew

        • Darryl 
        • Stavros 
        • Ross 
        • Nancy
        • Dustin (almost room mate)
        • Dave "efac" .. longish greasy brown hair.. always acts like a Dancing Bear from Greatful Dead.. 
        • Tricia Kelshall.. 
        • .. neighbor on Hinton St.
        • ~ hinton St. Single Room Pad & cycling ..
        • Comic Artist in Hintonburg
        • **Tilton Hilton & Crew (Don Chu; Toby, Jim..)

        EarthFirst! Crew

        • Bill and Cathy and Steve and two other arrest supporters
        • Old World Hippie Arrest Instructor
        • Andy
        • Wednesday
        • hang Lee On
        • Jen Maxwell
        • Kaia Mennie

        Grinnell Crew

        • portia
        • henry
        • Gail MF Francis
        • - Gails reluctant room mate
        • - Norm, her larger friend



        Her "almost"/ sort of BF from the summer
        Her BFF from Banff Springs Hotel
        The Arozona Crew & the message on the machine..