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        Every photographer wants a studio. The ability to shoot indoors, according to their own schedule.. it’s "idyllic" but me.. I shoot nudes. Studio nudes are.. mundane.. basic.. and repetitive. So, I’ve never really wanted a studio per se.. but I have always wanted a Darkroom.. with the emergence of the TinyHome movement.. I can truly see having a space that is *just* darkroom.. enough space to print my images in the HUGE manner I envisioned without having the added cost of a Studio Space.

        Thus, I am designing and building "TinyDark" .. a darkroom so tiny that it’ll fit on a small trailer to be hauled behind an equally small(ish) vehicle. It won’t be tied down to rent.. wont have utilities.. or a residential location. I’ll be installing a self- built "Tesla Powerwall" and a bicycle styled generator.. there will be studio space for product photography.. and it won’t matter if we move- it will just move with us!

        Join with me as we sprint down the highway to this awesome and exciting goal.. as we move on, I'll have some fun and entertaining things to share with you through the Crowdfunding Platform (IndieGoGo).. things like:

        • Weekly webisode production of fun, entertaining and insightful content
        • Weekly "Round Robin" give aways of product, prints, and donations from friends and "makers" near and far
        • Auctions at the end of every week
        • 50/50 draws

        AND MORE!!!

        So.. stay tuned- when the project goes live, I'll be posting info on all social media- Facebook, Instagram, Vero, DeviantART and more.. and updates will spam out through all the aforementioned platforms as well.. so everyone will be kept Up To Date.