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        Jennifer Adamaskie

        • Age range: 16 to 18
        • Height:  5'1" ~ 5'4"
        • Body Type: Petite; Breast Size: A cup to small B cup


        Jen shows up in the timeline as the "sister" to Dolphin Leigh. When KC first visits Dolphin in Calgary, she mentions that he "has to" meet her sister, Jen. There is a problem on KC's side: Jen.. anyone named "Jennifer" is his achilles heel.. after Jen McCourt there was Jen Rice.. after Jen Rice was Jen Reinberger in Vancouver.. after Jen Reinberger there was Jen in Banff.. was this infatuation with the name or with the personality that populated with the name? That will be revealed later on in a scene with David Oldenberg.

        The first visit to Dolphin in YYC goes uneventful.. almost as though Dolphin is an asexual/ non- emotive individual. KC goes to her apartment in Bowness, she's not there.. so he walks downtown.. she's not there.. he calls, leaves a message.. heads back to Bowness.. she's still not there (N.B.: the plan was to meet up that day.. KC has "vague" plans.. Dolphin needs specifics). Finally, she's downtown so he walks back downtown to hang with her for... a half hour. After the visit (devonian gardens?), KC hitches back to Banff.. without meeting Jen.

        Visit Two is when KC meets Jen.. he stays overnight @ Dolphins place downtown Calgary.. upstairs/ top floor of an old house.. in the morning, the sun is beaming through the window as Jen sits up.. her PJ top is sun bleached clear (see thru) and her breasts are visible clearly.. and she is "halo'ed".

        Other interactions with Jen: primarily after KC moves out of Banff to Calgary where he takes on a job as Bike Courier.. items are non- chronological:

        • Jen works a kiosk @ an innercity mall.. KC goes to visit her with Courtney (description to follow).
        • Jen comes to The Koop to hang out.. hang out session/ scene.. 
        • KC cycles up to Jen's place with a second bike.. bike for her.. rides his Team Chance hauling a Kona LavaDome (ideally.. bikes will be actually represented)
        • Jen sneaks in to the fundraiser (before KC moves to YYC) for "Amazon North to Rio" .. Dolphin, Courtney, and Jen are there..
        • Jen comes to visit KC at the Purple Porch