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        About Ocean Cyclist :: The Core

        My name is M. Scott Ault and I am going to go Around The World in a Pedal Powered Boat!

        I want to see more people adopt cycling as a viable method of day to day and life long mobility so I decided to circumnavigate the globe in a Pedal Powered Boat Unasisted!

        There’s a lot of info on this page.. feel free to use the links to jump to the different sections of interest.

        About Purpose History Schedule
        Route Communications Safety Input & Output

            Ocean Cyclist will see me, M. Scott Ault circumnavigate the globe.. alone.. in a single person pedal powered boat!

        Think you could do it?
        What about cycling to and from work every day instead?

            I decided to do a Solo Circumnavigation due to it’s sensationalism which should attract and educate a diverse audience leading to adoption of cycling as a primary method of day to day and life long mobility.
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            The primary purpose of Ocean Cyclist is to show people how awesome cycling is through the sensational activity of full global circumnavigation in a pedal powered boat. I mean, really- if I can, at nearly 55 years of age, pilot a pedal powered boat around the world then surely *you* (pejorative, not specific.. but if you want to personalize, be my guest) can mount your two wheeled steed and commute to and from work each and every day of the work year.. with far better personal outcome in comparison to being a “motorist.”

            It is also my PURPOSE to educate my audience about environmental issues and concerns, both large and small, and to urge lifestyle modifications towards real, honest, and viable methods that promote sustainability and the very real future of our species and planet at large.
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            Ocean Cyclist started, in earnest, in 2013.. shortly after the birth of my daughter and at the outset of local, BC based protests against the LNG Pipelines which led me to discovering a pedal powered boat for sale. That boat was named “WiTHiN” and situated in Calgary, Alberta. But, it was a bit big and massively expensive (for me.. a recently retired Bike Courier) so, while I did try to raise the funds to purchase the boat to push this project (then, named “Further Within”) to media and personal fruition.. my growing family had to examine our immediate financial standing and as such it was decided to relocate to Kelowna BC for a bit of a financial reprieve.. which didn’t really develop.

            After our relocation, the project slowed.. most notably with the emergence of work away from home- I would drive sometimes 1400Km to a jobsite and stay there sometimes as long as 8 weeks straight.. painting 14 hours a day, 7 days a week (that means 8 weeks.. no days off). And, once I was finished work for the day.. I was usually far far too exhausted to do anything other than make a meagre meal and.. pass out from being so grossly overworked. It wasn’t until 2018 when we decided, at the urgence of Splat and Co, our small fledgling EcoPUNK clothing and lifestyle accessory company, to relocate once again but this time.. to Calgary Alberta.. close to Banff- a town that holds far far too many memories to mention in polite conversation. With this new location, things looked far brighter.. and although it’s taken almost a full year.. this little project is taking off quite nicely right here.. right now.
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            While Ocean Cyclist has taken awhile to really gain traction and get moving.. but this year is poised to be banner for growth and advancement of concept.. thus, “launch” should be taking place at some specific or unspecific point during the calendar year of 2019 with specific, specialized events, broadcasts, and far more pointed web output than previously experienced.

            Currently, my goal is to Set Sail on or around August 31st 2022.. that allows me A) time to develop my Pedal Powered Drive system and B) add it to an existing single person boat.. prior to 3) building the actual self- contained vessel in which I will spend almost an entire year of my life encased within… it also allows me time, enough, to develop relationships with different organizations, artisans, and artists for mutually beneficial cross- promotions.
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            As with other CircumNavigations, I will be travelling in an East —>> West direction.. following the sun as it were. My journey will not be the first “Human Poweredcircumnavigation.. but it will be the first fully nautical human powered one. And, according to “the rule book” on circumnavigation.. the route has to pass through two “polar opposites” or.. Antipodes in order to fully qualify. So with this in mind…

            My Route will start in Vancouver, BC, Canada and head in a rough South- Westerly direction that will lead my and my little boat towards New Zealand where the first Antipode has been selected on the North Island. As this location kind of makes me miss Australia, I’ll head over and the options exist to go either westerly and over to Perth or Northerly and up towards the Phillipines.

        A Note on Route Selection
            In 1992, when I was planning the ride from Northern Alberta to Rio.. my inclination was to select a coastal route.. allowing for two things- 1) I would be able to “pick up” our fourth rider in San Fran and B) there is a far larger population base available and as the journey was to be funded on- the- go.. choosing a less populous route wasn’t a good idea, in my humble opinion. Sadly, our main supporter suggested (very strongly) that we take a route that would keep us on the Eastern side of the Rockies which meant following a route of lesser populations resulting in.. a distinct lack of funding options- for individual collections as well as event based solicitations. I will never forget this.. and as such, am working on many various methods of project funding from Crowd Funding to event based injections.. to membership based web sites.

            Leaving the Austral- Asian region, I will continue in a Westerly direction towards Madagascar and the Cape of Good Hope where I’ll be turning North- ish to catch two important things- first, the rarest Shellback status is achievable and second.. in and around Tunisia will be found the Second Antipode. The exact location of which will be determined prior to setting sail of course. While Antipode II is decidedly important for classifying this journey as a Full Global Circumnavigation.. it’s important, for me, to pass by and/ or "touch down" on "Null Island" for induction as an "Emerald" or "Royal Diamond" Shellback mostly because that is the Zero Point for the whole planet.. ground zero… starting point.. start of all time and space that we call HOME. Kind of ;)

            Leaving Antopide II in Tunisia will result in a slight back- track towards Cabo Verde and, subsequently, an Atlantic Crossing towards the wondrous Caribbean Islands and.. The Panama canal which will result in.. traversing the West Coast up towards and in to Vancouver BC Canada.
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            There are two important parts to communications- first, pre- launch (setting sail) and second.. post launch/ setting sail.
            Pre Launch will be mostly concerned with video production and social networking output.. so there will be some awesome segments produced that will document the build of my pedal drive.. putting it in to practice.. and the build of the boat itself.. as well as fun/ entertaining things from around the project in general. This will include networking with artists, artisans, and musicians both near and far to spread word of their work.. and for them to spread word of our work. A lot of cross marketing will be going on and a lot of outreach.

            Once the boat sets sail.. there are, again, two parts to consider. In researching WiFi and SatPhones.. I can say that maintaining consistent contact with the Little Boat will be difficult if not.. expensive. So, there will be a chase boat that will be broadcasting WiFi for my little boat.. sometimes in range.. sometimes not. But, they will be the source for all communications and there will be occaisions where they will be close enough to have an almost live or *possibly* even an actual live feed from the boat. It’ll be fun.. I’ll try to make circumnavigation entertaining ;)

            I am, also, looking to work on destination based outreach that will fall in to the “Communication” category.. some artists, artisans, and musicians will be invited to tour with us.. and when ever we make landfall.. we’ll be a ready- made festival of fun and entertainment.. promoting Zero Waste and Sustainability for one and all to see.. learn about.. and grow with.
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            My first line of defence in the Little Boat will be (oddly enough) a Windsurfing Rig built in to the roof of the cabin. If my pedal drive dies and I am unable to get it going again.. for what ever reason.. I can climb on the roof and lace up the sail and.. sail off to a near by destination to exact repairs. Now, if the boat, itself, is unusable.. I’ll also have a windsurfer strapped to the outside of the boat.. so, I can use the Sail on the boat or.. if the boat itself is sinking I’ll be able to get to safety using the windsurfer.

            A very important consideration for safety is.. ensuring that I can come “home” and continue raising my daughter. So, I am in search for a large- ish ocean going vessel that will be able to be my “chase boat.” It won’t be beside me every day.. I won’t be climbing aboard her each night for a comfy snooze.. I intend on doing the circumnavigation all alone and unsupported. But, I also don’t want to leave my daughter without a father before my time.. if I can prevent it. So, this boat~ along with a hand full of selected individuals~ will be *kind of* following me (sometimes near.. sometimes far.. sometimes already at port while I’m still weeks away.. ).

            On the boat, itself, there are some very specific considerations for safety. I’ll be going over them in the months to come and updating this little sliver of this page at that time.. but, suffice it to say- there’ll be myriad measures in place to ensure safety of ME.
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        INPUT & OUTPUT
            I need people who want to research issues, causes, and lifestyle modification considerations.. I’m also looking to network with artists, musicians, and artisans for mutual growth and outreach.. And, as I’ll be producing “webisodes” .. I’ll need people that wanna be On Camera for the duration. Host/ess.. Camera ops.. everything. Drop a line.. use the “contact” form and let me know all about YOU and why you should be selected to Go Around The World with me on this crazy journey!
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