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        I am going to be running a CrowdFunding Campaign to raise funds that are needed to build my "TinyDark(room)" .. a small studio based on the TinyHome concept.. part of the trailer- based studio will be light- tight and built with countertops, drying tables, and the Durst Enlarger I've been hauling around from house to apartment to warehouse to.. YYC...

        In all the moves I've gone through since picking up the enlarger, I've never had enough space to set it up. That, or the space we were in was purely transitory. Now.. we have a huge backyard.. but I can't build- in a permanent darkroom space since we are simple "renters" but.. building a trailer- based darkroom and small/ specialty photographic studio is a total "No- Brainer!

        But I need your help!

        I've been kinda silent on the social- media front lately.. and population equates to greater chance of project success. So, I am appealing to other creatives for product donations and promotional support in getting this CrowdFunding Project launched and.. successfully funded!

        How can you help?

        • Pledge Donations.. don't send anything.. just make a pledge.
        • Spread the word
        • Join in the Round Robin

        What is the Round Robin?

        Remember the days of "rings?" Yahoo! had a bunch of them and I was part of them.. well, the Round Robin is using that sort of a concept where by The Participants need to visit, follow, and be active in one way or another on each and every member Instagram Page.. bonus points for spilling out on to Facebook.. the Participants are sent in a "circuit" from one vendor to another until the Participant has followed the rules on each and every account.

        • Of the people that successfully follow the rules.. winners are selected at the end of the time period (one week).
        • There will be 4 "sessions" lasting one week each
        • Some Participants will be "ghosts" due to the fact that certain Crowdfunding Perks include Round Robin Participation without interactivity.
        • There will, also, be a "50/50" draw that will take place at the end of each session, with participants being sent to my website for it. 

        ~ The Theory is.. with more people Liking and Following *us* (and specifically... ME).. more people will consistently see notifications about the Crowdfunding Project which will result in.. more people jumping on board and pledging funds to it.