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      Civil Disobedience in 3 parts

      Location: Ottawa
      Specific Locations: University Class Room; Living Room; Gymnasium; MP's Office; Prison; Bar; MP's Office II; ??
      Characters: KC, SteveyBodz, Cathy, Bill, Hang Le On, Jen Maxwell, Kaia Mennie, Police, and others.. extras.


      KC hits on Cathy in English Class.. but is rebuffed as Cathy has more important things to do.. getting arrested in a couple weeks.. and have to go to a meeting about it.

      - Arrested? 
      Sounds cool.. can I come to the meeting?

      KC arrives @ the House.. locks bike up outside and walks in

      general millieux.. milling about.. sees Cathy and heads over.. she's talking to another guy.. blonde hair and Alpha styled.. Bill.. then the meeting starts.
      **n.b.: a late- arriver comes in wearing a Russian Gas Jacket sporting Wolverine Hair and sits right across from KC.

      Bill is officiating the meeting.. someone mentions Roberts Rules.. who cares.. Bill says "so, I guess it'll just be Cathy and I getting arrested but we do need arrest supporters" **two people pipe up saying they'll be the supporters

      KC's arm goes up.. and he says "Uh.. I'll get arrested too"
      Bill goes "And who are you?"
      KC says who he is
      Ok, sooo, it'll be Cathy.. Me.. and KC getting arrested. Awesome. Who'll be KC's arrest supporter?
      Late Arriver in the Gas Jacket puts up his hand and says "I'll do it"

      after the meeting, Gas Jacket and KC start talking.. introductions etc.


      S01E01- 002

      New Character Added :: Old School Hippie Arrest Instructor
      New Location: School Gym// Community Assoc. Gymnasium

      The "class" consists of the proposed arrestees- Bill, Cathy, KC, as well as individuals who will/ may be arrested at other locations including, but not limited to, a group of High School Students that have decided to take part in the Day of Action.

      Instruction is primarily on what not to do.. NO self defense.. but it also teaches the Supporters what to look for and what to do.. how to act and what their most important role is.. support but non- involvement.

      S01E01- 003

      The Arrest
      KC is in his apartment (one room hovel) and looks @ his watch.. he's got to be downtown by a certain time but he now realizes he can't ride his bike.. he's GOT TO take the bus.. 
      KC arrives a few minutes late to the rondez vous site.. already filled with EF! supporters and the other two arrestees.. 

      Bill, Cathy, and KC head over to the building.. walk in and.. SIT DOWN.

      Secretary is cordial.. people outside have placards and are chanting.. singing etc.. phone rings.. it's the MP telling the secretary to Let Them Do What They Want.. don't call the cops, don't call the press.. keep it all quiet.

      a couple hours later and in walks the Landlady.. and she is having a freak out!!! She grabs one of us trying to get us out but the secretary pulls her aside

      Landlady is heard yelling at secretary

      arrestees talk amongst themselves (hushed whispered chat..) and they get up.. walk up the stairs and sit down at the top of the stairs.. landlady comes out of the back room(s) and sees them up there.. sitting peacefully.. and she is LIVID.. stomps outside.. 

      A few minutes later.. PoPo arrive on the scene and start asking questions of everyone except the arrestees.. not the folks outside just the people inside.

      Landlady says she explicitly wants them out.. they are a threat to the building and safety and yadda yadda yadda

      two police walk up the stairs and, looking at Bill, start going on about making a point etc.. finally one cop goes behind bill, pulls him up by his armpits.. and they both pull him down the stairs

      At the foot of the stairs, Bill is laid out on the ground, the cops re- orient their grips and open the screen door to go out.. but the screen door slams on bills head.. once he's outside he starts screaming "Police Brutality"

      **camera angle at this point should be from top of stairs, so hearing Bill cream is thru the doors**

      Cop comes up.. looks at Cathy and says she's made her point.. she can either walk out or he'll haul her out too

      Cathy gets up and walks out

      Finally, the other cop comes up and talks to KC.. point has been made yadda yadda yadda.. KC says "I don't think so." so, the cop gets up on the landing, reaches down and hooks his arms under KC's armpits and lifts him up.. kicks his feet out then takes a step down (does this for each step of the stairwell) and then rests KC on the floor, face down.. then the other cop comes and, one on either side of KC.. they grab him by arm and belt loop and head out.. one cop making sure the screen door stays open


      Once Out On the Porch.. KC starts screaming at the top of his lungs "Stop Logging Native Land" over and over

      this drives the crowd in to a frenzy and everyone starts yelling and screaming and waving their placards

      KC is loaded in to the cop car and they are all taken "Downtown" (they are already downtown ;) )...


      KC and Bill are in the guys side, in different cells.. they talk (cement wall between them) and are taken out one at a time, brought back.. then released with a "Trespassing" ticket for 52$

      KC and Bill wait for Cathy.. they all go down to a local pub for a few pints where arrest supporters are waiting

      Over pints, they all talk.. elated..

      Once the pints come to an end, KC goes on a walkabout and finds himself at another Day Of Action location.. he goes in.. everyone except Jen Maxwell and Kaia are asleep so they talk and talk till wee hours of the morning.. as the sun rises, he climbs in to bed in his one- room hovel.