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      Prince of Paupers

      General Location: Banff, Alberta
      Specific: Tunnel Mtn
      Cast: KC, prime; might use alternates as well

      KC is "coming down" from a solo trip.. decides to hike Tunnel Mtn.. listens to one tape (walkman) up and down.. 

      Episode will be the length of one song, reinterpreted from that album ("This is the Day" by The The).

      KC's goal is to reach the summit before the sun "fills" the Bow Valley (crests Tunnel Mtn.).. he does reach the summit prior there to and as such decides to have a game of TAG with the sun.. jumping from the sun- drenched back side (warmth) to the cooler and shaded front side.

      Decides to head down.. gets distracted by an off- shoot path.. heads over to cliff's edge and.. sits down.

      --->> the seated period *might* be time- lapsed to show a prolonged passage of time.. some of it will be shot with a drone to show height.

      Episode ends with KC getting up and heading back down the hill.. fades out with a background image of the "Fear" tombstone...