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        General Location: Banff, Alberta
        Specific: Aardvarks; Apartment; Townsite; Cafe/ or two.
        Cast: KC, apartmentheads (3), Coffeefly01, Coffeefly02, extras.



        Preamble :: Aardvarks Pizza and Sub (generic late night Pizza Joint)
        Montage :: working.. serving, cash, cooking.. ending with cleaning..
        Once the cleaning is finished, KC takes off.. talks to a few staff etc.. general "shoot the shit" convo.. and then he "ambles" or meanders back to his apartment/ squat spot.. unlocks the door, slides in.. pulls out sleeping bag and climbs in.. clock on the wall says it is about 6am

        6:35 the sun is streaming in.. KC is safely sound asleep.



        Main Theme
        Camera zones in on the clock- ish.. it's getting close to 8am.. maybe 8:30.. and rustling can be heard in the other room.. until out comes one apartment head.. blonde, in boxers.. goes to make some coffee but stubs his toe on KC..

        another apartment head comes out- brunette, "stylish" hair.. boxers.. flip flops.. asks if the coffee is ready.. they look around for dishes and cooking gear.. making noise

        *flush* of toilet in the other room and apartment head 03 comes out.. mostly bald (shaven) head.. t- shirt (stylish) and bikini briefs asks if the coffee is made and hands a joint to #1

        They smoke as the coffee brews.. start drinking coffee.. sometimes go back in to the other room and come back a bit more dressed for riding

        they finally come out with their bikes after being super loud and obviously waking up KC.. then they take off and you hear the front door lock behind them.. it's almost 9am


        KC sits up.. bloodshot eyes.. messy hair

        voice over (paraphrase).. "fuck.. I guess I'm up"

        gets cleaned up
        grabs "day bag" (stuff sack mostly) and heads out.. 

        KC is walking down a road just off Banff Ave.. passing a house and (possibly) flashback to KC and Lisa (more deets later).. brought back to reality by the hoot and holler of the Apartment Heads as they burn down Banff Ave a block away

        Camera is stoic (still.. and frames a part of banff Ave in such a way that it will see, without moving, the Apartment Heads roll thru the viewfinder.. as does KC.. KC is seen, near the exit side of the frame, as almost just a head.. close up mostly.. so we clearly see he rolls his eyes backwards as they roll past him).

        At this point, he looks up at a townhouse.. to a sheer curtained window and the silouette of someone getting dressed in the window (possibly Lisa?) and his gaze continues on to the forest beyond the townhouse... 

        S01E03- 003

        KC enters a cafe.. orders a coffee and danish (or some such pastry)

        - POSSIBLE.. tie- in to SA DAY.. coffeefly asks how his day is going.. he mentiones "Substance abuse day has gotten in to full swing already" .. this is only a possibility.. 

        Sits down with coffee

        Time Lapse shows coffee mug with different volumes in it thru the period he is there.. he doesn't move much.. pile of papers beside him grows, shrinks.. crumples.. straightens out.. 

        Finally the clock on the wall says it's something like 1pm.. he gets up and leaves.. goes to another coffee shop where some of his co- workers come and say HI to him.

        Episode ends w/ KC walking in to Aardvarks at 5pm to start another shift.