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        Punk Drunk Love is.. the visually entertaining presentation.. a mockumentary if you will about The Making of The Novel "The Death of Love." It will take the form of, to start, webisodes building up through comprehensive storyboarding, scripting, and character development to a feature length film.

        Production will take on any of many different theoretical approaches.. from "Hit it and Quit It" filming to actual soundstage use.. the goal, initially, will be to share simple, short excerpts as quickly as possible.. from production to release. In this respect, we'll be using portable gear like GoPro cameras, Dslr cameras, and minimal lighting modifications/ available light only.. partly for portability but also partly because some places we need to go aren't fully public so we'll need to Get in.. Get it Done.. and Get Out!

        There are a veritable throng of episodes I'll be working on.. the first few are already listed.. feel free to peruse the skeleton key itemization of them.. with storyboards to come shortly.. and as new episodes are envisioned (or.. more aptly: remembered) they will be added to the fray.

        The ultimate goal of the Webisodes, however, is to work towards the production of PunkDrunkLove.. the feature length release that will be more artistic.. more entertaining.. and explain the direct and immediate events surrounding the book itself.