i decided,
quite without reservation,
to do something
wholly different
with my life

the road has been troubled
by disquiet reason
my path has been waylaid
by visions of envy
and still others
with needs aplenty
all washing my vessel
off it’s mark
away from it’s compassed, divine.

in this statement mundane
i present a reflection of devotion
a sense unrelenting for sensuality
an emphatic plea for sensitivity
and a predefined need for resolute aspect
unfettered by contemporaneous theories
unrestrained by volumetric tendancies
an essence prevalently unrepresented.

these silver slivers staring you back
somewhat askew..
all inclined towards abstraction
shine on to each new face
an old tremor of the soul
a precursory reflection
of the disguised dream
universal yet universally individual
causing the slowed heart
to beat once again
bringing a new light
to an old day.